Thursday 130214

Warm up:

“Iron Shoulder Series”


3 Sets:

  • Weighted Push Ups x 8
  • MB Turkish Get Up x 2 ea



With a Partner Perform:

  • AMRAP in 5 Minutes Strict Pull Ups (L-Sit)
  • AMRAP in 4 Minutes MB Sit Up Tosses
  • AMRAP in 3 Minutes Slam Balls (Overhead Plate Hold)
  • AMRAP in 2 Minutes Hip Ext. (Bottom of Squat)

*Partners will perform the given AMRAP during that time one athlete will perform the given exercise, during that same time the other athlete will be performing the exercise between the ().  For example at station 1 partner A will perform as many strict pull ups as they can.  During that time partner B will be holding a L-Sit.  If partner B drops from the L-Sit the partners must switch, and then they will continue the movements.  They will continue with this for the entire duration of the given time frame.

  • Mobility

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