Thursday 121122

Warm up:

3 Rds NFT:

  • SA DB Snatch x 4-6 ea
  • Double Unders x 15-30
  • Muscle Up/Chest to Bar Pull Ups (x2) x 2-6



For time:

  • 40 Burpee “buy-in”
  • Station 1– 20 Kettlebell snatch
  • Station 2– 20 High box jump 32/28″ (Rx), 28/24″ (Open)
  • Station 3– 200 double unders (each group, 400 total)
  • Station 4– 150 “Wall ball two-fers” 20/14#’s (all divisions)

Team will pair their men and women together with one set of partners on station 1 and the other on station 2. Only one partner will work at a time at each station. On 3,2,1 –Go, one partner in each group will begin doing burpees. Partners may switch as many times as they’d like until 40 burpees have been completed (reps are shared). Once 40 burpees have been completed, each group can move into Station 1 (you don’t have to wait for the other group to finish before starting station 1. You also do NOT have to take a knee after the burpee buy in). One partner from each group begins 20 reps of either box jump or KB snatch. Once the first partner completes their reps, they take a knee and the second partner completes their reps. Once all partners have completed their reps, they must take a knee before switching. The group that was at station 1 will move to station 2, the group that was at station 2, will move to station 1. The sequence will repeat with the groups in the new stations untill completion.

At the completion of all partners completing their reps at stations 1 and 2, they must all take a knee before switching back to their original starting point (if the men started at the KB snatch, they will return to the KB snatch station (this is also where they placed their jump ropes). Each group will then share 200 double unders (400 for the team), switching as often as they choose. Once 200 double unders at each group have been completed, all members will take a knee before switching to the final station of 150 wall ball two-fers.


  • Mobility