Thursday 110908

4 Sets:

  • DB Shoulder Press x 8-10
  • Ring Support Hold x 30 Seconds (Try to turn hands out)
Rachel P’s B-Day WOD:
In Teams of 3 Perform 5 Rds For Time:

  • 330 Meter Run
  • 9 DB Man Makers 45/30
  • 17 Wall Ball Sit Up 20/14

*Partner A begins running 330 meters, while partner B performs 9 DB Man Makers, and Partner C completes 17 Wall Ball Sit Ups.  Once all athletes are finished with their given task the team will rotate to the next movement.  Therefore partner A will go to man makers, B to wall ball sit ups, and C would run.  The team is not allowed to rotate until all athletes are finished with their given task, once ALL athletes have completed 5 complete rds time stops.

8 Rds:

  • 250 Meter Row (Rest 2 minutes between ea.)


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