Thursday 110120


Bench Press (figure 90% of your current 1 RM Men add 5 LBs Women add 2.5 LBs)

  • 5 @ 75%
  • 3 @ 85%
  • 1+ @ 95%


  • With a continuous clock perform 20 Wall Balls for the first minute, for every rep not completed with in that minute perform that number of push ups multipled by 3 the next minute.  On the third minute perform 20 Wall Balls, then for every rep not completed with in the minute perform that number of double unders multipled by 3 the next minute.  For example if an athlete successfully completes 14 wall balls with in the given minute, the next minute they have to complete 18 push ups or double unders with in that minute.  Continue this cycle until you have completed 8 Rounds of Wall Balls.


Thanks to Functional for allowing us the pleasure to  Meet EJ.  Please take the time to watch this video of EJ, he is 9 years old and does things in which we strive to do everyday.  Also for those of you who struggle day to day with your food in take, take a page out of EJ’s book and listen to his food choices.  Oh and remember he’s only 9.

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  1. afromeatball

    Lettuce?! Really?!!! Even you guys kinda think it’s lame too. Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks lettuce isn’t qualified to be anyone’s “favorite”.