Thoughts on Making Change

Great article sent to us by Karmen on motivation and excuses. Quote is from Bill Phillips who is the author of Body for Life and his new book Transformation. I have always been a big fan of Bill Phillips because he has always supported a balanced diet, consisting of real food, and also hard work in the gym, but work that is also time effective. I know he isn’t “Functional Fitness” but he still has the same thoughts 🙂

The people who are most successful at changing their lives don’t want to be the victim of their own excuses anymore and decide to take immediate action — even simple things, such as drinking water instead of regular soda, getting up earlier to walk and using the nutrition information from their favorite restaurants, she says.

 Phillips says when you give up your excuses, you take responsibility for your own life. “Most every transformation I’ve witnessed over the years was preceded by a dramatic increase of self-responsibility.” Individuals have to accept the fact that they need to “pilot” their own lives, he says.

 Instead of using lack of time as an excuse, people have to schedule the time they need to exercise and cook healthful meals, just as they schedule a doctor’s appointment, business meeting or lunch with a friend, he says. “There’s always an opportunity to make time.”

I couldn’t agree more with this article on keeping yourself accountable. We are here to help you with accountability and change, however you are the only person with you 24 hours a day.  You have to be committed to your goal and making change before we can help you with it!  Speaking of commitment…there are a handful of you that are doing the Zone Challenge that we have yet to see journals from. Even if you don’t have a perfect journal or all of you days, get it to us. If you are struggling with the Zone come and talk to us about it. My guess is that you haven’t sent your journal because you haven’t been strict to the challenge or you are struggling with keeping to it. WE DONT CARE…let us see what you are doing so we can help you make changes! But like I said before YOU MUST COMMIT TO YOURSELF. BE READY TO CHANGE AND BE ACCOUNTABLE TO YOURSELF AND YOUR GOALS!


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