Thoughts for Athletes Competing tomorrow!

Hey guys!
Here are some thoughts as far as a warm up goes for tomorrow! MAKE SURE you are warm for each event and that you stretch and cool down after each WOD! Also make sure you are getting lots of food and water! Eat as soon after your event as you can. Obviously each WOD is a little different but get most if not all of these in if you can!

Shoulder Rolls/Arm Circle/Arm Flexion and Extension
Back Flexion
Trunk Circles/Hip Circles
Inch Worm
Squats/ Hold at bottom, stretch hip flexors
Straight legged kick to Inverted toe touch
Push ups to shoulder circles
Lung with hand on foot, hold for at least 30 sec, lift and lower back leg, then hamstring stretch, then drop knee into 90 and hold…switch legs
I would spend 3-5 min jumping rope and make sure to practice each movement in the warmup area.

Brandon and I will do our best to be coaches but we also have to be athletes tomorrow too. Anna will be around to help as well, so feel free to ask her for help if you need it. If you have questions, please don’t be afraid to ask!

Thoughts about the WODs:
1)If you need to scale weight or range of motion don’t be afraid to. You are going to have more fun if you scale than if you don’t and just get frustrated! (i.e double unders, C2B etc)
2) For the sled pull/push we would recommend you put the stronger person in the front as the puller, we think the turn might be the hard part, so practice if you can and watch other heats if possible.
3)On WOD 2, ten minutes is a long time so don’t crush yourself in the burpees and then be wrecked for the deadlift. Start with something you KNOW you can do, and then work your way up from there. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a PR.

More than anything HAVE a ton of fun, and lets represent Surge as we always do with integrity and team spirit! Can’t wait to see everyone do their thing tomorrow!!

Make sure to also bring warm clothes, it sounds like it might rain all day. I would recommend getting there no later than 8 to check in and be ready. William is bringing a tent, and if anyone has one that would be great. Brings chairs etc, if you have them!

If you need anything you can text me at 720-289-5789!