This Weeks Schedule!

Lots happening this week:

July 4th is Wednesday! We are going to do only 8am and 9am 4th of July WOD, and then a Swim WOD at 11:00, at the Park Village Pool on 134th and Colorado Blvd. Pool is free if you are  Thornton Resident with a card, otherwise it is $3 to get in. If you have never done a pool WOD it will be fun and most likely a partner/team WOD, you don’t have to be a good swimmer to come WOD. If you don’t want to do the swim WOD, we would love to have lots of us there to relax and hand out! The pool is open to lap swim only from 11-12 which is nice. Then we will still around and hang out, do a little pool party and enjoy the sun. If anyone is interested in hosting a BBQ after, let me know 🙂 We would but since we don’t have a yard that makes it kinda hard!

Then this weekend is the Lift the Rockies competition at Defy in Bloomfield, I think we have 8 teams signed up for the Saturday partner WOD! Then Sunday is the Strongman comp, we have 3 athletes in that one. Would have had 4 but it turns out Tom broke his leg at Jump Street 🙁  So bummed, my Surge Nights out are not supposed to end with broken athletes! 

See you all tomorrow, kicking off the week with Christina’s B-Day WOD!