Saturday Schedule Reminder

All classes will be cancelled, do to the Dash N Bash taking place at Sports Authority  Field at Mile High. Sorry for any inconvenience, if you would like a WOD here are a couple options.

A)For Time:

Run 5K (Top Every 3-4 Minutes Perform 10 squats, 10 Push Ups)

B) 150 Burpee For Time

Competition Optional Additional:
A) Easy 1-Mile Warm-Up Run

B) 4 Sets:

  • 100-Yard Accelerations

(start slow and build every 10 yards or so until you reach roughly 90%, then slowly taper down again – If you can perform these barefoot in the grass…if climate/terrain allows)

C) Stadium Stairs or Aggressive Incline/Hill
10 sets:

  • Climb 60 seconds hard
  • Walk down

Keep work:rest ratio around 1:2-3