Saturday Help Please!!!

This Saturday after class we’re planning on moving the pull up rig.  We’re only moving it 20 feet, so it shouldn’t take a large amount of time so long as we have enough people to move it.  Therefore if you have anytime available after class on Saturday please help.

With that being said, we alluded to a lot of changes and improvements to come to Surge Elite Performance & Fitness.  As long as we can get the pull up rig moved, starting next week we will be starting a strength program for athletes who are interested that will coincide with our normal Functional Fitness classes .  Like we have posted before our goal has always been to offer and help our athletes strive and meet their goals.  We will describe this program in greater detail later in the week, but for those of you who have wanted a little extra strength work this is for you.

One final thing that has nothing to do with Saturday.  Since we have expanded and finally have been able to lay out all of the equipment that has been in storage the last two years.  We have realized that we don’t use some of the equipment that is taking up some of the room on the floor.  We have had quite a few people ask about improving their home gyms, therefore we thought that before we posted it anywhere else we wanted to see if anyone would be interested in some of the equipment we’re getting rid of.  We’re selling the Body-Solid Cage, the Powerhouse Power Tower, and the Stamina 1400 ATS Air Row Machine.  If you’re interested or know of anyone who is interested please let myself or Court know.

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