Saturday 120331

In Teams of Three Perform:

A) AMRAP in 12 Minutes

  • 200m Run
  • Burpees
  • Box Jumps 24/20

Rest 60 Seconds

B) In 7 Minutes Find Max Clean

  • As a team clean max weight combined

*For Part A each teammate will begin at a given station.  Partner A will run 200 meter while Partners B and C completes as many reps as possible of burpees or box jumps.  When Partner A returns, parters will rotate exercises and continue.

*For Part B each team will be given two bars depending on the breakdown of the teams.  Durning the 7 minutes teams will attempt to clean the max amount of weight.  However only one bar maybe used at a time and only the heaviest weight from each person on the team will be counted towards the teams total.

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