Saturday 110205


AMRAP in 20 Minutes

  • Run 200 Meters
  • 20 seconds Handstand Hold
  • 20 seconds Squat Hold
  • 20 seconds L-Sit Hold
  • 20 seconds chin over bar hold

Coaches Thoughts:  We had some visitors today, Anne and Matt from Ft. Bragg, NC. It was great to have them as Anne and Courtney grew up together but haven’t been in contact for probably 15 years. It’s always fun when Functional Fitness brings friends back together! Matt and Anne you both did great and we loved having you! It was a fun WOD today full of lots of isometric holds and then the all out sprint to make things interesting!

1 Response
  1. Aaron

    Did a different WOD today due to the shoulder. It was pretty fun…left we gassed for sure.

    20 minute AMRAP of:
    25 Double Unders
    20 Barbell Rows, 45#
    15 Walking Lunges
    10 Box Jumps, 20”
    5 Box Jump Over, 20”
    1 Rope Climb, 15’

    Result = 6 rounds + DUs + 3 Rows