Root 2 Table Taste Test this Friday

Every have one of those weeks where you just don’t have the time or energy to cook, so your nutrition plan falls by the way side? Well if you do, now there is an easy, Paleo solution to help you out!

Root 2 Table Culinary Kitchen offers high quality meals for the healthy lifestyle active adult.  We are Chefs and avid crossfitters that believe in refueling our bodies with healthy nutritional paleo inspired food. Root 2 Table will be providing ready to eat lunch meals 5 days a week and dinner 4 nights a week.  The meals are cooked, cooled, packaged, and labeled at our culinary kitchen. The meals will be delivered to the clients’ crossfit gyms and placed in R2T’s ready to eat refrigerators.  Our produce is locally driven, our meats are all natural and grass fed. We are here to provide our clients with high quality nutritional healthy ready to eat meals that are fresh, flavorful, convenient, and affordable.

They will be at Surge this Friday while we do Open WOD 13.4, so come taste their food on March 29th,  4:30-7:30!

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