Recipe Night & Expansion Tour


Don’t forget that tonight is recipe night. Please bring a Paleo main dish to share and the recipe to share with everyone. there will be lots of good food and new Paleo dishes that you can add to your weekly meals.

We will also be doing a “tour” of our possible new space!! We are looking into adding 3000 sq feet to the gym. The unit behind the “newer” side of the gym is vacant and we are looking into knocking the back wall down. We would love everyone to see the space. Some of you were able to see if at the Hangover Classic, but if you haven’t see it, tonight would be a great time to see it. We are actually going to do recipe night in the ” new space” you will enter on the backsides of our building! The sign right now says Catcom.

So if you want to stay warm ands hang out with your friends tonight, Surge is the place to be:) Even if your don’t have a recipe to share, ┬ácome hang out and get some new recipes!

Everything starts at 7:30!


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