PR Chart Update

We’ve made some changes to the Surge Elite Performance & Fitness PR Chart and we’re ready for everyone to start testing it out. We don’t have a link to the chart in the menu yet so can reach it at this link:

Everyone’s PRs should be in there but there is likely some outdated info. The good news is that everyone can now update their PR records on their own. Here’s how:

Go to the link and press the ‘Log In’ button on the upper right. Since we don’t have everyone’s email, I’ve set the default to be ‘[email protected]’ and password is ‘surge.’ So for example, ¬†Andy would login with [email protected] and the password is surge. Please log in to your account and update with your current email and password. If you have any trouble, please email Scott ([email protected]) and he’ll be able to help you with any issues you have. We’d like everyone to go in and update their PRs so we can test the system. Please note any issues or problems and send those to Scott as well.

Regarding the actual chart, you’ll see that we now have 3 tabs (weight, repetition, and time). This made it a bit easier to see all the exercises on one screen. We’ll soon be adding a tab for Hero and Girl Workouts. One thing to notice is the ‘Weight’ tab has a drop down option for percentage. So if the coaches suggest using 70% of your PR for a WOD or strength session, you can easily select that percentage from the drop down and see the corresponding weight in the chart.

We hope you find this helpful and look forward to your feedback!