Open Gym!!!! Finally

There has been a lot of interest in having an open gym, and we have been reluctant mostly because we need a day off , but now that we have some other coaches we can make this happen. Aaron has offered to run and open gym from 9-11 on Sunday mornings. He will be there to offer some guidance but mostly you will be on your own to do a WOD, strength, or work on any skills that you feel you need to practice.  We can help you before Sunday if you need guidance on what you may want to do. My advice if you want to do a WOD is to go back and look at our WOD’s or mainsite WOD’s that you have missed and want to do and make sure you have a plan before you get there!  Also, make sure you do a sufficient WARMUP before you get into the strength or the WOD. The clock will be running for the two hours so you can start your WOD’s whenever you are ready! This will run most Sunday’s, starting this Sunday August 7,  however there will be a few Sunday’s that it will be cancelled.

 Upcoming dates that there will not be open gym are:  

  • August 21  ~ Warrior Dash Weekend
  • August 29 ~ Colorado Open
  •  Oct 16 ~ Master’s Competition

Please post to comments if you are planning on coming this Sunday!

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