Nutrition Challenge Update

We are 10 days into the 21 day challenge! Almost half way. I just wanted to touch base and add some advice to everyone. I have seen  a lot of journals..although not all of them, so if you have not showed me your journal yet please do ASAP! As a whole everyone is doing pretty well with their quality of food, which is great, but the quantity seems to be an issue. Although grains have been taken out of your diets, I am still seeing tons of carbs in the way of fruit. Don’t get me wrong, I do want you to eat fruit, but in moderation. If you look at the Paleo diet, it says eat meat and veggies, nuts, some fruit and limited starch. That being said protein is a hug part of the diet and most of you are seriously lacking in the protein department, and the veggie department as well. Although I am not saying that you need to do doing Zone,  I do want you trying to get protein, carbs and fat at every meal. If you must skip one of the nutrients at a meal you would be better to skip the carbs, but don’t skip the protein! I have had questions as to ideas for protein. Protein is pretty simple…eat meat, so chicken, fish, red meat, pork, wild game etc. My advice is cook/grill a bunch of chicken, steak, hamburger etc, over the weekend and then you will have it to eat all week. If that is too boring search out some great recipe’s and make them so that you have them for the weekend! If you just make yourself get in the habit of having meal at every meal it will get easier. Also change your mindset and stop thinking “meal” and “snack”.  I think what gets a lot of people is that they think “snack” is a smaller and therefore doesn’t have the same rules as a meal. You should be eating 5-6 smaller meals a day not meals and snacks.

If you have a great reciepe or suggestion please feel free to share with us, and if you have questions please ask them here as well?

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