Sorry for the delay we will have a recap of the Masters Competition over the weekend.  It was an amazing weekend for all the athletes.  As your coach I couldn’t be prouder and I’m honored to say that I have to opportunity to work with you.

As for updates the lifting area is finally functional, still not finished but functional.  With that being said there will be a strength workout posted on the board.  There are a lot of different levels of experience when it comes to the program we’re going to be running for a short while.  Therefore we will be offering a seminar which will be announce in the next couple of weeks.  This seminar will focus on each movement and skill that will be performed during this program.  Depending on the programming for the day, there maybe exercises that are coupled together.  For example today we had Snatch work off of blocks, now if you’re an athlete that has never been exposed to block work the alternative movement was High Hang Snatch.  So please if we haven’t go over the movements or exercises with you before please do not attempt them until we do.  In addition if you miss a day of the programing DO NOT perform the day/days you missed.  We will have more then enough exposure to all the movements and adding more volume isn’t going to be beneficial.  Please let us know if you have any questions regrading the program or the movements.

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