Monday & Tuesday Update

We are still making progress, and today was a great day. The pull-up system is close to in place. It took some creative engineering and a few should presses, deadlifts, and cleans to get the ladder put in, but so far so good. We will finish the rest tomorrow, and then finish the floor!  Rubber can get cut around the pull up system and we will get the second coat on the wood for the platforms! Trim is painted now we just need to put it on!

Huge thanks to Mark, Brandon’s dad for all his amazing work on the pullup system! It looks amazing and we have pull ups for REALLY tall people, we are ready for some basketball players!

Thanks also to Jake so stopping by to check the place out and for loaning us some tools, that will help a lot! Thanks also to Julie and Amber for coming by to check on us. George, sorry we missed you yesterday! Can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday!

We are thinking that the WOD will be at 10am on Saturday, and then a healthy bbq after that! Most likely we will  be at the gym from about 9-2, but if you want to be part of the first WOD at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness be there and ready to work at 10! And we KNOW that you all want to be part of the first WOD! We will be taking everyone picture as well for the wall of fame!