Monday 110307


Drop Snatch 2 x 3

Snatch Complex 3 x 3

  • Snatch Grip Deadlift
  • Hang Power Snatch
  • Snatch Balance
  • Overhead Squat


5 Rds For Time:

  • 10 Hang Power Snatch 95#/65#
  • 20 Double Unders

Coaches Thoughts:  Today was a great day at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness.  We worked alot on snatch technique during the skill session, which a lot of the athletes carried over to the WOD.  Today was fast and furious and had athletes testing their power, speed and accuracy with the double unders.  There were some great performances turned in today; Nikki completed her first WOD with double unders, Glendon was the only person all day to complete the WOD Rx.  In addition congrats to Nikki for not only getting double unders but also getting her first pull up.

2 Responses
  1. 6:10 @45#

    Congrats to Nikki for getting DUs and PUs tonight! And to Karmen for getting a muscle up, or two!! Not bad for being on vacation for a week! 🙂