Monday 101810


Back Squat (Working off 90% of your 1 RM)

  • 6 @ 70%
  • 6 @ 75%
  • 5 @ 80%
  • 5+ @ 85%

V- Ups 3 x 20


AMRAP in 3 Minutes of:

  • Front Squat 135#/95#

AMRAP in 3 Minutes of:

  • Pull Ups

* Athletes will move directly from one AMRAP to the next.  Score equal total amount of reps performed for both AMRAPs.

Coaches Thoughts:  Today we focused on some lower body strength and a single 3 minute AMRAP that tested a lot of our athletes, not only physically but also mentally as well.  This AMRAP was a little different and difficult for some to rap their heads around.  However there were definitely some notable performances.  Aaron rocked the squats in both the strength and WOD, Justin and Zach knocked out the pull ups by both doing more than 50.  It was also great having Courtney E join us again before she heads back to North Carolina.  In addition welcome back Sarah and Alyssa you performed awesome in doing your first ever WOD.