Amazing Day “Amazing Grace”

This Saturday was an unbelievable day at Surge Elite Performance & Fitness.  Thanks to the people at Hotel Furniture Outlet at 104th and Washington we were able to host “Amazing Grace,” and raise money for Mammograms in Action.  We’re still adding up the total amount in which we raised for this event but ever dollar will go towards helping women receive the proper treatment and tests they need.  In addition thank you to the Hastings family, the Griffiths family, Jason Adams and Amie Shea for all the help you provided through the week and weekend.  We can’t thank you all enough for the time and hard work you put in-in helping us put this event on.  Thank you as well to C.B. & Potts, The Texas Road House, The Glenn, Old Chicago, and The Delectable Egg for donating gift certificates. 

Along with the succession of “Amazing Grace” we had an outstanding turn out for the event.  Quite a few of our regular members participated, but we also had some new faces join in on the fun.  Through out the weeks leading up to the event we spent a lot of time focusingon the clean and the jerk, and the results showed.  The majority of everyone hit a new PR, including Josh and Amie who both posted their own personal records and the fastest times of the event.  In addition the majority of the women went up in weight and finished in faster times, such as Charli who performed Grace twice and hit PRson both attempts including the second at a heavier weight.  Grace is an extraordinarytest of not only physical strength but also mental strength, we can’t express how proud we were watching the athletes work through all 30 Clean and Jerks.  It was especially great to watch Cassie, Randy and Court’s Mom perform Grace considering they just recently learned the movement.  You all did a great job and thank you for participating. 

This was our first event that Surge Elite Performance & Fitness has hosted and it was AMAZING for sure.  Thanks again to all those you helped, participated and donated.

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