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Schedule for the next two weekend (August 20-21 and August 27-28)

We will be closed both of these weekend. This weekend the 20th is the Warrior Dash in Cooper Mtn, and I believe we have a team of about 25 that will be up there representing, running through some mud, over some fire and whatever else they throw at us! Open Gym is also cancelled as we are staying in Cooper for the weekend. If you would like to come cheer us on and hang out we would love to see you all, just let us know if you plan on coming up!

August 27th and 28th is the Colorado Open! We have lots of athletes competing in the Open and would LOVE to have a huge crowd cheering them on. The Open is at Front Range Functional Fitness, on both Saturday and Sunday and promises to be a good time. We will keep you up to date as we know the times of the WOD’s etc. Each athlete will compete in 5 events over the two days!

Essentials is going into the second week and growing steadily! Don’t forget to keep telling your friends and family. Essentials is Functional Fitness, but without the barbell work! Right now we have a 5:15am and 6pm! If you have friends or family that want to try it pleases let us know!!! 

Lastly, please make sure that you are always putting your equipment away. Obviously space is limited, so we need to make sure boxes are out away, ropes are put away, trash is picked up etc. The also applies to the Open Gym, I am sorry to say that after Sunday they gym hasn’t looked the way we left it Saturday, so please be cognizant of what you take out and make sure it is put back!  

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