Methods To Maximize Your Training When Short On Time

If there’s one thing, I continue to learn is that life doesn’t seem to slow down. If anything, it only seems to get busier and move faster. This can make training and making yourself a priority a challenge. There are quite a few techniques and methods I’ve found to maximize training on limited time.

In this video I had about 30-40 minutes to get in my training session. It was meant to be more upper body biased. I wanted to include one heavy lift, along with some repetition volume work. I also wanted to include the conditioning piece I had planned which was about 12 minutes.

My session went as follows:

A. 5 sets (Alternating movements every 90 seconds)

Close Grip Bench Press x 10-8-6-4-2

Hand Anchored Single Bent Over KB Row x 8 each

*Utilizing supersets is a great way to get in a good amount of work in a short time frame. In addition this method on use the clock as to when to work and rest kept me moving and insured I was getting about equal rest as the intensity of the weight increased on the bench.

B. 2 Sets

Intra Set Pause DB Incline Press x Max Reps

Intra Set Pause Prone DB Incline Row x Max Reps

*The goal was to perform between 15-20 reps for each movement on each set. I incorporate an intra-set pause at rep 6, where I held at 1/2 range of motion for 8 seconds. After performing the iso hold, I then continued to perform reps until I was no longer able to. Great way to add in additional intensity without have to perform more sets.

C. 3 Rds

300m Run

21-15-9 Toe to Ring

12-9-6 Wall Walks

Was able to get all of this in-in under 40 minutes. Utilizing techniques and methods like this has truly helped me in so many ways. I’m able to continue to make myself and my training a priority, without feeling like I need to be in the gym for hours upon hours.

Throw these into your next training session and let us know what you think.