Fundamental Breathing (Assessing, Resetting, Implementing)

Breathing is the most fundamental thing that perform in upwards of 15,000+ times a day. It’s not only vital for your survival, but it drives your physiology, psychology, and performance. Your breathing patterns dictate your posture and your posture dictates performance.

One thing we often find with clients is that they’re fundamental breathing patterns are out of sync and are habitual “chest breathers.” As a buy product they’re out of alignment, which causes rigidity and compensations in their system. The end up in what’s referred to as open scissor position or Janda’s upper/lower cross syndrome.

By addressing their functional breathing patterns and bringing it back to initiating from the diaphragm. They engage their inner core muscles. In addition, by learning how to take a full inhale, followed by a longer exhale creates proper gas exchange of oxygen and carbon monoxide. This gas exchange creates a less acidic environment for the body, resulting in the body opening.

Your breathing patterns are vital. If you’re wanting better function of movement, performance or life in general. Addressing your functional breathing patterns is a MUST.

Check out the video as we’ll take you through a simple assessment, reset and implementation.