Friday Night Open WOD

We will be running 4 heats tomorrow, 3 with games athletes and one with non games athletes. The gym will  be open at 4:30 for anyone that wants to be there to start warming up. There will not be a group warm up per se but we will have a warm up on the white board for anyone that wants to follow it.  Here are the heats and times that they should start. If this does not work for you please let us know ASAP so we can rearrange athletes and or judges.

Heat 1:      5:15 Start         Athlete/Judge

  • Brandon/Courtney
  • Glendon/Aaron
  • Karmen/Josh
  • Chris/Jeff

Heat 2:  5:40 Start

  • Susan/Aaron
  • Joe/ Courtney
  • Amie/Jeff
  • Ryan/ Jamie

Heat 3 -6:05 Start   Non-Games Athletes (open to anyone that wants to join in the fun)

Heat 4:   6:25 Start

  • Courtney/Brandon
  • Mark/Jamie
  • Josh/Jeff
  • Jason/Aaron
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