Friday Night Open Party

Congrats to all the Open athletes as well as everyone else that has been doing the Open WOD’s over the lat 5 weeks! Friday night will be the final open WOD and we are going to have a party/potluck after the WOD on Friday. We will be doing a little award ceremony, eat some great PALEO food, and if you would like to bring drinks feel free.  Friends & Family always welcome to come hang out too!

It has been so fun to watch everyone do things that they never knew they could do because they signed up for the open! Here are a few highlights that stick out in my mind…more to come Friday night!

Love the celebration!
  • Jason getting his first Muscle up in a WOD
  • William getting his first and then 30+ more Toes to bar and first double unders
  • Brenda doing her first Wall Ball to the 9 ft line with the 14# bar, and getting 84 of them as well as a PR on push jerk and a whole round of them at her new PR of 75#…not to mention it was a clean PR as well to get the bar to the rack!
  • Kelsey doing 7 + rounds of box jumps and toe to bar with a broken foot
  • Jeremy and Stephen getting their first snatch at 165#
  • Chip linking his toe to bar together like a pro in 12.3
  • Amie getting out of her head and killing 12.2 with 24 snatches at 100#
  • Christina pushing through DU’s and getting 10 muscle ups
  • Anna getting her first straight arm muscle ups ina WOD
  •  JD getting 110 Wall Balls unbroken
  • Jamie getting 110 burpees
  • Wathcing Andy get 5 snatches at 165# and ditching the bar just in time to not drop it on Jake
  • Wathcing Brandon climb the leader board every week

Just a few moments to think about but there have been so many other great moments in the last 5 week! Post your favorites to comments.

See you all Friday