Friday 100716

Benchmark Friday…

It’s gonna be a surprise, I will say it will be a girl WOD, but I think there may be a few of you that decide to cherry pick WOD’s so tomorrow will be a fun surprise! See you then!



AMRAP in 20 min of:

  • Run 400 meters
  • Max rep pull- ups

Congrats to Jake, Court, Aaron, and Karmen for getting there most pull ups at one time! Justin learned the kip and then nailed 15 in a row in round 3! Nick you rocked the run nice work on most runs, the pull ups with come with practice. Ed, although I am certain you told me that you hate me more than a few times, you did awesome and I know that you are secretly proud of yourself as you should be. JB, awesome job on the pull ups and getting more each round! Everyone did a great job on Benchmark Friday! I know you can’t wait for next Friday!

Court, Veronica, Karmen, and Jess. Nice work ladies!
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3 Responses
  1. Aaron

    Don’t forget that the 2010 Functional Fitness Games kicks off today.

    Here is today’s schedule (times are PDT):
    Friday July 16, 2010
    09:00 Team Event 1 Announcement
    10:00 Team Event 1 Starts
    10:45 Masters Event 1 Announcement
    11:15 Team Event 2 Time Announced
    11:45 Masters Event 1 Starts
    12:40 Masters Event 2 Time Announced
    18:05-18:25 Opening Ceremonies
    19:00 Individual Competition Starts

  2. Aaron

    Funny…Saturday’s WOD on the main site is identical to first individual event tonight at the Games.