Essentials Friday 110916

Test Day 3:
3 Attempts Max Weight DB Shoulder PressMen – Each Pound equals 1 point

Women – Each Pound equals 1.25 points

Max American KB Swings in 2 Minutes

Men use 55 pound KB each rep is worth 1 point, if use 35 pound KB each rep is worth .5 pts.

Women use 35 pound KB, if use 20 pound KB each rep is worth .5 pts.

*If athlete is unable to perform American KB Swing , Russian KB Swings will be allowed each rep is worth ½ the point value of the given rep performed.

Max Wall Balls in 2 Minutes

Men – Each Rep Rx’d equals 4 pts.

Women – Each rep Rx’d equals 4 pts.

*16/12 pound Medball equals 3 pts, 14/10 pound Medball equall 1.5 pts.

Max Height Stick Jump

Men Each inch is worth 1 pts,

Women -Each inch is worth 1.5 pts

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