Do you Inspire?

Are there certain people at the gym you love to workout with?  I’m sure we all have those people; those who no matter what your mood maybe when you walk in they have an ability to raise not only their own game but yours as well.  If you take the time to look at the white board after each day, you’d most likely notice the people who are normally at the top or who are making the most improvement from day to day.  Yes these people are awesome athletes, but they also have the ability to focus and push themselves to areas most only wish they could go to. 

What do people think when they are working out next to you?  Are you that athlete who pushes yourself to the most of your abilities; or are you the athlete who see’s the WOD and right away says “I can’t do that,” “I hate or suck at                .”  Whether you know it or not how you approach the work you’re about to do affects not only you but the other athletes around you. 

Aim to inspire yourself and those around you.  How you approach the WOD can make all the difference in the world.  You might be having a bad day, possibly tired, or not feeling 100%.  But if you can mentally dig deep and find away to push yourself to the best of your abilities you will inspire.  Who know’s you may even become the athlete who helps others raise their game to a new level.

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3 Responses
  1. bigbro

    Tell ya what lil bro, you have a gift, you are an inspiration. I had an awesome time doing the sat. WOD with you. Should have known better than to try and keep up with the machine you have become, and I’m feeling it( lactic acid is a bitch) I wish you and Courtney the best and you both have given me the itch, going to check out the crossfit box down here where there is Accually oxygen in the air!!!! Love at and u KICK ASS!