Surge Elite Performance & Fitness All Around

Starting Monday of next week we are going to begina series of tests or Functional Fitness Skill Tests.  We’re calling this week long serious of tests or events the Surge Elite Performance & Fitness All Around.  Every 6 months we’re going to be performing these tests in order to monitor your improvement but also help us see how our the programing is helping.  Furthermore, these tests well help eliminate any confusion or uncertainty about scaling WODs.  There will be more information to follow but as of right now we’re going to be running tests everyday but Friday next week.  Friday will be used as a make up day for those who miss a test throughout the week.  Each day will be dedicated to a different realm or tests.  Therefore, regardless of your membership type all Surge Elite Performance & Fitness members will be allowed to come unlimited for this week.  Please stay posted as to what tests are going to be performed each day, and please make sure you schedule accordingly and make it in to all these tests.