Functional Fitness Open Schedule


Here are the details of how the Open will work at Surge:

WOD’s are released from HQ on Thursday’s at 6pm (mtn) and we have until Monday to have them submitted to the games site and verified by us. You will need to go into the games site and enter your score and then we will validate it. Don’t forget you are responsible for entering you own info, we can’t do it for you!

The WOD will be done every Friday, mostly at night but if athletes need to have the WOD judged at either the 5:15 or 8am we can make that work too.

Firday nights will go as follows:

  • Gym will open at 4:30 for warm up, etc.  These will not be “coached” classes.  Athletes will be responsible for warming up and performing the correct movements.  If you would prefer to come to a coached class, please come to either the 5:15 am or the 8 am class.
  •  Athletes will need to sign up for the wave that they  want to be in and will then be responsible for being warmed up and ready at the posted start time for that wave. We will also need JUDGES! So that means that if you are competing you will also need to plan on judging one of your fellow teammates at some point in the night. Please give this some thoughts as to how you schedule your time. Obviously I would not recommend judging the heat right before or after you compete.
  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the Online Functional Fitness Judges Coarse.  This coarse will help clear up any movement standards that maybe unclear before we start the event.  Click here to go to the online Coarse.
  • Movement standards will be briefed at 5:00 pm and any questions will be answered.
  • 5:15 First heat begins, and we will go until we finish.

If you are REALLY not comfortable judging or calling a no rep please let us know. We won’t make you judge if you are not comfortable doing it, but just remember you are judging you family and they want their WOD’s to be legit so if you call no rep they will not take it personal!

If you are not signed up for the open, WHY NOT? Everyone should be signed up to do the Open. I guarantee that you will have a great time, enjoy the awesome Surge community and get to cheer on your friends! That being said, GO SIGN UP NOW! Our goal is 50 athletes this year.

If for some reason you do not sign up for the open but want to do the WOD on Friday night you can and it will work just like the athletes that are signed up for the Open.

If you know anyone that is looking for a place to do the Open WOD’s we would love to have them join us. Non Surge members can pay  $50 to compete in all the Open WOD’s at Surge.

Friday nights last year were  so much fun, please feel free to invite your friends and family to come cheer you on and bring cold beverages for the celebration after if you would like!

Finally,  if you are not competing in the Open but are going to come watch and you would like to volunteer to help Brandon and I stay sane and judge that would be GREATLY appreciated!


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