Monday, March 20, 2021

Surge Elite Performance & Fitness – Surge Muscle

Metcon (Time)

If you performed 21.2 last night and didn’t do the Muscle Programming from yesterday, perform DB Incline Press instead of DB Bench Press. If you did perform the programming from yesterday perform Push Press. Also if you did the programming from yesterday, DO NOT perform the lower/upper superset combo.

With a Partner Perform

10 Rds For Time:

DB Incline Press or DB Push Press

Front Squat or Front Rack Lunge

3 Rope Climb or 6-8 Strict Towel or Rope Pull Ups

*For Bench Press and Front Squat or Lunge. If performing lunge reps are each leg. Perform the following reps. You choose weight to use each set. Partners alternate movements.

Rds 1-2 = 10 reps

Rds 3-4 = 8 reps

Rds 5-6 = 6 reps

Rds 7-8 = 4 reps

Rds 9-10 = 2 reps

B1) 3 Sets:

Tempo Barbell Bulgarian Split Squat x 5 (6 seconds down, 0 pause, 1 second up, 1 second pause)

Tempo Supinated Grip Chin Ups @31×1 x 6-10 (use assistance if need to) (3 seconds down, 3 pause, 0 second up, 1 second pause)

Band Pull a Parts x 15-20

B2) 1 Set:

Tempo Split Squat @1111 x Max Reps Each (Both feet on floor, focus on keeping hips square)

C) 3 Sets:

Shoulders Elevated Hip Thrusts x 8-10 (Upper Back on Bench or Medball) x 8-10

Cossack Squat x 8-10 each (weighted if able to)

Hip Extension x 30 Seconds @ 1111

Barbell Curls x 20

Banded Triceps Extension x 20