Friday, March 19, 2021

Surge Elite Performance & Fitness – Surge Muscle

Metcon (Time)

If you come into the gym perform Functional Fitness Open 21.1 Options


If you do the Functional Fitness Wod, adjust the volume and workout accordingly.

A) 3 Sets: (Every 2:30)

Tempo Incline Barbell Press x 5 (4 seconds down, 0 second pause, 1 second up, 1 second pause)

Banded or Cable Face Pulls x 10-15

*Perform 1-3 warm up sets before your first set.

B) 1 Set For Time: (Upper Body Challenge)

Incline Barbell Press x 50 @60% of heaviest weight used for A. NO Tempo

C1) 3 Sets: (Every 3 Minutes)

Tempo Supinated Grip Chin Ups @31×1 x 6-10 (use assistance if need to) (3 seconds down, 3 pause, 0 second up, 1 second pause)

C2) 3 Sets:

Bent Over Lateral Raises x 12-15

D) 1 Set:

Barbell Curl x 100

E) 1 Set:

Banded/Cable Triceps Extension x 100

*Complete sections D and E in a slow controlled manner, try to perform the 100 reps in 4 sets or less with minimal rest.