Congrats to Kelsey!

Kelsey competed in her first Functional Fitness competition today which was at Mile High Functional Fitness for the King and Queen of the gym. It was a fun comp because each of the 4 WOD’s was with a new (co-ed)partner that was assigned to you. It was a smaller competition but well run and everyone had a great time. Kelsey decided at the last minute…literally there was like 2 hours left for registration on Friday when she signed up. She rocked it today and NEVER stopped smiling, which is what is it all about; pushing yourself to new levels, meeting new great people in the Functional Fitness community and having fun.  The WODs had all of Kelsey’s favorite things, like wall balls, thrusters, burpees, front squats, wall climbs and rope climbs, and box jumps (ok she really did love the box jumps)!  We are always so proud of our athletes and the way that they represent our family! Kelsey took the bull by the horns and did awesome, she is a great example for all of us. For those of you that are thinking of competing but nervous about the first one, I would highly recommend you talk to Kels!  The Functional Fitness Open is coming up in a month! It is a 6 week competition that happens in our gym and you compete against everyone across the world but mostly with yourself. The open is for everyone and we hope that EVERYONE in the gym will sign up to participate!  Thanks also to Amie and Abby Shea for driving all the way to Centennial to cheer Kelsey on today.  We love you two!

We hope everyone had a great weekend. Just a reminder that next weekend Christina and Bobby will be competing in the Functional Fitness Eminence Winter WODfest on Saturday. Eminence is just down the street from us and we would love to see lots of support for them too!

Kelsey rocking the rope climbs at Surge on Monday!