Competition Athletes!!!

This year’s Functional Fitness Games season is coming to a conclusion this weekend, and we have already had a lot of inquires about preparing for next years games and other local competition events.  Therefore we are going to offer additional programing for those who are interested in getting in a little extra work .  Now don’t get me wrong, our everyday programing is more then sufficient in helping all athletes prepare for any scenario.  However this additional programing will include extra strength, endurance, olympic lifting, gymnastic and mobility work.  This additional programing will co-inside  with our everyday programing but will have extra work that well benefit the WOD. 

For all those athletes who have competed in the past or have any interests in competing in the future and are interested in this additional programming, please let either Courtney or Brandon know asap.  Each week we will send out an email that includes the additional work for each day.  In addition if you have any questions please let us know.

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3 Responses
  1. Chip Case

    I’m back, starting Monday. I think my family situation is about taken care of. I’m looking forward to working out again. I would love to have any additional help with the problem areas that I experienced in the games this year, especially as I plan for next year!
    See you Monday!