Competing Athlete Seminar

Thank you to Coach Aaron for this suggestion. More and more athletes are starting to compete which is obviously a little different than a normal WOD. With this in mind we want to hold a “seminar/discussion” with anyone that is currently signed up to compete or thinking about it in the future. We will be covering warm up and cool down, nutrition( pre-comp, during and after), ice/ice baths, stretching, and recovery between events and after it’s all said and done. Also we will touch on the mental preparedness and aspect of competition, along with any other questions that you may have. We would like to do this at a time when we could get almost everyone there, however that is the challenging part. We were thinking either this Thursday night(10/6) or next Thur (10/13) at 7:15 or this Saturday(10/8) at 10:30. We would even be open for Sunday if we could get everyone together. Please let us know what would work for you and we will go with the time that we can get the most athletes there! 

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