Colorado Open 2011 Registration Opens May 1st

Thanks to Aaron for finding this for us! I would guess that it will sell out quickly, so if you are thinking about doing it, register now! Don’t think about it and then miss out! Any athlete can compete!

The 2011 Colorado Open, August 27-28th

The Colorado Open is now in it’s fourth year.  We are extremely excited to host it again in 2011.

We are holding the 2011 Colorado Open on August 27th and 28th.  Individual entries will be $85 per athlete.  There are 180 individual spots.

Registration will open on May 1st.  At that time, like last year we will be releasing the maximum weights for each potential exercise that will be used in the workouts. 

Last year, we started with 125 individual spots.  Due to the demand, we then upped it to 150 and then again to 180.  That number, 180 athletes, is how many spots we will have again this year.  We cannot increase that number without cutting down the number of workouts per athlete.  Cutting the volume down is not something that we are willing to do.  I believe doing that many workouts in one weekend is a big part of the challange of the event. 

So please do not procrastinate this year.  If this is an event that you really want to do, please register early.

Any Functional Fitnesster can register as an individual, be scored as an individual, and compete for the individual title.  That Functional Fitnesster can be a member of an Affiliate, workout in their garage, at 24-Hour Fitness, etc.  There will be two individual workouts on Saturday and two individual workouts on Sunday.  For those of you that competed at the 2009 Colorado Open, the individual competition will be very similar to last year’s Open.

The individual workouts will be able to be scaled for anyone’s ability level.

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