Clean Up!!!

This morning we came into class in the morning to a mess on the floor from the ropes and equipment not put away that was used by athletes during open gym.  In addition after one of the afternoon classes a large pile of chalk was put on the floor and then was smeared across the floor.  We have the buckets for a REASON the chalk should not be on the floor.  We want everyone to feel as if the gym is your home, which means treat it like YOUR home.  CLEAN and PICK UP after yourself, others have to use the gym as well.

3 Responses
  1. amber

    Yuk I am so sorry!! I was at open gym, so I should have stayed and helped clean up, so I apologize!
    Sorry Brandon & Court!

  2. JustG

    That’s all me guys. I was so tired after that wod I completely spaced clean up. Won’t happen again, I’m sorry.

  3. amber

    It’s not just your fault Justin! We’re all responsible, like Brandon said, we should treat it like our home, so it’s definitely not just your fault.
    And I love to clean, so there’s no excuse for me haha!