Barbells For Boobs Details

Saturday is fast approaching, and we all have our fingers crossed that the snow will be gone by then! Here are some details:

We are going to be meeting at the gym Friday night to move all the equipment over to the Cancer Center.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, plus it will probably be kinda fun. Brandon and I both will be teaching the last classes but I if you want to help plan on arriving about 6:30 or so. Then Saturday morning we will get getting to the Cancer Center about 7 to get all set up for the heats, again any help would be awesome. 

We are going to do a clean and jerk tutorial and warm up at 8:30 and then we will start the first heat at 9:00.  We are planning on having  about 8 athletes per heat, with a “judge” and running them every 12-15 minutes. As for the judging, it is more like personal cheer leader and counter.  Please plan on helping and cheering with at least one heat 🙂 If you are on a time constraint on Saturday and need to go at a certain time please let me know ASAP.  We will need watches/stop watches also, so if have a watch please bring it or a phone with a stop watch function that would be great as well! There will be  a kids heat too, we are going to throw some burpees in for them too, so it should be fun to watch. After all the athletes are gone we are going to hang out and celebrate.

 We have pulled chicken and pork being catered in by Hoke, sides (non paleo) being donated from Hooters, veggies trays, a fantastic ice cream cake from Higgy’s and donated coffee from Starbucks, and beer from Coors.  We  do have access to the inside of the Cancer center we can warm up if need be and the food will be inside.  We will be giving everyone raffle tickets when you arrive. All the prizes will be lined up and have a place for you to put your raffle tickets so you can choose which prize you want to put your tickets in to try and win. You can split your tickets up with different prizes or put them all in one pile to give yourself a better chance to win!  We have lots of good prizes including Av’s tickets, Air Force Tickets, a hand made quilt, Mary Kay, Surge Gear, a therapy/rehab pack, handmade scarves and jewelry, Higgy’s gift cards, a dart board, pool balls, signed swag from MMA fighter Rampage Jackson, Massage from Val…. and more still pending!

We are need some of extra tables and chairs and tents. If you have any that you can bring please let me know! 

Of course after all the fun is said and done any help getting the weight back to the gym would be greatly much appreciated.

If there is anything that I have forgotten about please let me know! Also let me know if you are planning on helping Friday night or Saturday a.m. We are up to $2035 right now, lets get to at least 3K!  Get registered now and get your friends and family to join in! search Surge.