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Don’t forget that Part 2 of the Nutrition Seminar is Thursday Night at 6:30!!!!

There are a few things going on this weekend, and we would love to see everyone there! Friday night and Saturday Alpine Functional Fitness is holding the Legends competition and JD will be competing. Unfortunately, no one else got in because it sold out too fast! We would love to see everyone there to cheer him on and get in some great Functional Fitness action.

 Then Saturday night we will be heading to Jump Street at 7pm to get some jumping in and probably some dodge ball! Everyone is welcome!. Friends, family, kids etc and we will see where the night takes us from there. Please let us know if you are going to be coming to Jump Street so we know who to look  for.

Also Mary and Audrey have signed up for a first timers comp on June 30. The key to this event is that is has to be your first competition, so if you have been nervous to sign up for a comp, this would be a great one to do! And it’s reasonably priced!  Post to comments if you get signed up!


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5 Responses
  1. amber

    I signed up for the competition too, yay!
    so are you guys still going to Jump Street on the 21st too, or is that replaced by this Saturday?thanks!