8 Week Endurance Clinic


When: August 21-Oct 9th Thursdays from 5-6pm

Cost: $80 for non members $60 for Surge members

We are excited to announce that we are finally going to start an endurance program. We have had a lot of interest in athletes wanting to run “better” and faster. Learning proper run technique is key to making this happen. Over the 8 weeks we will cover Pose running, and take the time to learn the correct mechanics and CF Endurance methodology¬† I will also be giving out 3 day a week run programming that you can do on your own. If you hate running you should be doing this clinic. I promise you will finish it, a better runner and also someone that doesn’t dread running every time you see it come up in the WOD. It will make you more efficient at running in WODS and able to come in the door and get right to work. That’s everyone’s goal right? So now when I say run all the way to your next movement you will be able to!

If you love running you should also be doing this program. Enjoy what you do and make yourself better and faster!

Are you doing Girls gone RX? You need to have a decent 400m run so that you an get to the other movement. You have time to get better before the event!

If you have friends that would like to join us this is open to the public, but you receive a discounted rate as a Surge member. There have been lots of questions with people knowing that they are going to miss week 1, or a few weeks of the program. You will be fine if you miss a class or two so don’t let that hold you back.

Don’t forgot this is right before yoga so if you have the time to stay and stretch after this is perfect timing! Your calves, feet ad Achilles may be a a little sore after the first few weeks so this is a great opportunity to take care of yourself! Yoga is $5 a class and also open to the public.

We are also going to hosting a community 5K Fun Run on Oct 11. Which happens to be 8 weeks for now. That will be a perfect time to test your speed an mechanics and raise money for a great cause!



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