Friday 110311


Shoulder Press (Phase I/Week 2)

  • 3 @ 70%
  • 3 @ 80%
  • AMRAP @ 90%

Bent Over barbell Row 3 x 12

DB Tricep Ext. 3 x 10


Benchmark Friday!!!!


5 Rds

  • 20 KB Swings
  • 400 Meter Run

Coaches Thoughts:  Benchmark Friday’s are always a great test and fun day.  Today was the first time we performed Claudia, it proved to be a great test.  Overall all the athletes who came in today did an amazing job pushing the pass and knocking out the KB Swings unbroken.  During each class we had some classic battles, Aaron and Shannon started the day off right by pushing each other right to the end.  The 8 am class brought on a great battle better Jake, Courtney S, and Courtney V.  Right down to the final KB Swing and run it came with Jake edging out Courtney S.  The night session didn’t bring about any changes.  Susan, Joe, and Jason A had just as epic battle as the 8 am crew had.  All three athletes knocked out each round as if it wasn’t a challenge, Jason A made the 1.5 pood look like it was 20 LBs.  However, Joe pushed through at the end and raced to the finish.  Great job over all today Surge Athletes.

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