Whole Life Challenge!! Still time to join in!!!

It’s not too late to play!! You can register through Jan 17.

Here is the link to be part of the Surge game! Please share with your fiends and family!


As many of you know we are not big into doing challenges. We have done some in the past but have found that most of the time, there are only a few people that stick to it, and they are never inclusive enough to cause life changes. I think often challenges make people feel worse about themselves and not better…which is the whole point! However, we believe this challenge is WAY different! Our friends at Functional Fitness LA came up with the idea of the Whole Life Challenge a few years ago and we followed them last year through the challenge or game as they like to call it. We did this challenge in the spring and had AMAZING results!! Not only did we have a TON of members and non members lose significant amounts of weight and inches, everyone got healthier and closer to a Paleo lifestyle!!

What makes this challenge different? Because it’s a game and we will refer to it as that from here on out!

  • It’s fun
  • It holds you accountable and shows you what you are really doing
  • It doesn’t expect you to be perfect in the beginning or the end, but does show you how to improve for long term success
  • It takes into all aspects of HEALTH!!! (Nutrition, sleep, water, workouts, mobility, supplements(fish oil and vitamins), mindfulness
  • You get access to the Whole Life Challenge worldwide Scoreboard
  • It tracks performance
  • It will lead to body transformation

Saturday  Official START of the game Saturday January 11th. We will be doing the “official” WLC WOD. The entire gym is probably not going to do the WOD this time, so let us know if you are signed up you can do the WOD on Friday or Saturday.

I’m going to be honest we were a bit reluctant  to do the challenge this time as we don’t want this challenge to get “diluted”. However, we had quit a few members ask for us to do it and of course we would never say no! That being said, Kelli is going to be helping me (Court) plan some events and keep everyone on track! We will be doing a recipe night and some other fun stuff!  There is also an “event” on FB to help keep us all connected! If you are on FB and doing the challenge please let me or Kelli know and we will add you to the group!

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions! Looking forward to another fun game and some awesome results!

Here is Kelly and Ryan Story!  They were the “winners” of the first WLC that we did!

This will sound 100% clichéd, but sometimes life is one big cliché, isn’t it?  This is my cliché: Functional Fitness has changed my life.  There.  I said what I’m sure has been said 1,000,000 times since Functional Fitness was founded.  Not only has Functional Fitness changed my life, but it has also changed my husband Ryan’s life.  However, I should give credit where credit is actually due because it was really Courtney and Brandon, Surge Elite Performance & Fitness’s incredible owners and fearless leaders that changed our lives.  We had obviously heard about Functional Fitness on our own (if you haven’t heard of Functional Fitness by now, you must live in a deep, dark dungeon away from all of humanity) and Ryan discovered Surge Elite Performance & Fitness when searching for gyms near our house in Northglenn.  Without Courtney and Brandon, we would never be where we are today with Functional Fitness and our health.  They, of course, introduced us to Functional Fitness, but they also introduced us to Paleo.  We’ve lost a combined 48 pounds (in a relatively short amount of time) and living a Paleo lifestyle has improved our athletic and Functional Fitness abilities immensely.  We certainly would have never tackled a lifestyle like Paleo on our own because to be blunt, it looks scary and hard.  But once you get started, it’s not scary, it’s not that hard (prepare! prepare! prepare!), and it heals the body’s ailments!  I personally had all kinds of stomach issues (irritable bowel syndrome?  something worse?  who knows and who cares because it’s gone!) before starting Paleo and those days are in the past because eating Paleo has gotten rid of all those problems.  Ryan was also suffering some weird side ache while doing Functional Fitness and Paleo took care of that too. 

But back to Functional Fitness.  Specifically Surge Elite Performance & Fitness.  I’m a recovering gymnast (haha) and Functional Fitness appealed to me because of the gymnastics elements and skills.  However, it took me some convincing to actually get off my butt and try it.  I was terrified.  It looked so hard!  And it is hard (super hard), but in a strange, addicting sort of way.  Courtney, Brandon, and the Surge Family are super supportive even if you suck.  They won’t try and kill you with a workout (they will scale a workout to your ability), but everyone (and I mean everyone) will cheer you on which will inspire you to work your tail off.  And when you have finished a WOD, you will lay on the floor feeling like you’re dying (this happens to me all the time), but know you’ll be back tomorrow to do it all over again.  Like I said, Functional Fitness is strange and addicting.  I just wish I hadn’t been so scared and had started sooner.  I felt like I was going to be the goofiest, worst person at the gym.  And I probably am, but at least it’s comical and fun now. 

Surge Elite Performance & Fitness is the perfect place for someone who is new to Functional Fitness.  They make you feel incredibly welcome, which makes you want to come back the next day.  Then you start to make friends that you are excited to see at the next workout.  Then you start to see everyone outside of the gym (baby showers, birthdays, weekend hikes, etc.) and suddenly they feel like a second family.  To me, that’s what Surge Elite Performance & Fitness is Family, Fun, and Fitness (and a lot of other things that don’t start with the letter F).

Kelli Aimar

Kelli Before
Kelli Before
Kelli After
Kelli After

Ryan Before

Ryan After
Ryan After




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