Weekend Recap! Sorry for the delay!!

WOW what a weekend for SOOOO may reasons! Please forgive me if I miss any of the amazing events that happened this weekend, there were so many athletes competing at the same time it was hard to keep p with everyone! We could not be more proud of all of our athletes and I am pretty sure we will all be back next year!

So the Functional Fitness Partners WOD had 3 events that all of the teams participated in. The order was different for all the team however. The WOD’s were:


60m Partner Sled Push
50 Axle Clean and Press
120m Partner Carry



100 Burpees
Max Dead lift



100 Double Unders
20 Kettle Bell Snatches 55/35
40 Chest to bar Pull Ups
60 Hand Release Push Ups
80 Kettle Bell Swings 55/35
100 Box Jumps 24″/20″
200 Double Unders

In our opinion the WOD’s were well written and tested fitness and Functional Fitness really well. The sled pull/push and axle clean and jerk were a nice twist on the usual. Then there was a body weight chipper and a max lift. The event was run incredibly well, with lots of volunteers that were all incredibly helpful, polite and very nice.

Here are the highlights of WOD 1: There was not a ton of consistency in the approach of the push/pull but overall I think all of ur teams did a really good job with it. The fat bar axle was definitely a skill that athletes with bigger hands had an easier time with. But overall everyone was able to get through the 50 fairly well and as a team.  Then came the carry! I believe most of the guys carried the girls, except for Steph and Mike! They were by far the crowd favorite, nothing like seeing a father/daughter team where they take turns carrying each other! Not to mention that Mike came up with the energy to run with Steph on the last leg! Such and inspiration especially since Mike only found out on Wednesday that he would be competing on Saturday! It was also great to watch the all girl teams rock the sled push and the carry!

WOD 2:  The dead lifts! Brandon and I did some unison burpees which was a crowd favorite…if only that counted for anything. The deads were not our event for sure. Although I got a PR, Brandon and one rep max deads are not good friends! HOWEVER,it appears that everyone else does well under pressure getting BIG PRS! I know Mike, Steph, Justin, William, Rachel, and Kristi got over 25# PRS, and Christina, Kelsey, Mary, JD, Andy, Javier, Jason, Amber, and I got at least 5 lb PR’s.

WOD C was the team chipper. You all know Brandon and I and our strengths and weaknesses. WOD C was for sure on our wheel house. High volume, mostly body weight. Needless to say it went well. We got time of the day across all the teams and all divisions. It was a great way to end the day but not enough to get us to the podium. Turns out what came next though was the most exciting part of the day for us 🙂  Overall all of our teams did well in this event, and it was a fun WOD to see the teamwork come into play! I know that watching William rock out pull ups and see Rachel and Kelsey do chest to bar was a huge victory!

When all was said and done here is how Surge Finished: You can see all of the results at http://www.broomfieldstrongman.com/results/

  • Brandon and Court 4th in Mixed
  • J.D and Mary 10th in Mixed
  • William and Rachel 18th in Mixed
  • Mike and Steph 19th in Mixed
  • Jason and Jamie 5th in Men
  • Javier and Andy 14th in Men
  • Justin and Dave 23rd in Men
  • Kelsey and Christina 5th in Women
  • Kristi and Amber 14th in Women

After WOD C, Brandon decided to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him! Needless to say I was BEYOND surprised!!! I never thought that Brandon would do it in public, but I honestly could not think of a better way to get engaged. It was so amazing to have so many of our Surge family there with us! I am pretty sure there was not a dry eye in the house. In the video I it is hard to differentiate the tears and the sweat on my face. Perfect CF style. Thank you to EVERYONE that was there with hugs and congrats! Truly a day that we will never forget.

Sunday – Day 2 Strongman Competition

We had four amazing athletes compete in the Strongman competition on Sunday. Amie, Britt, Josh and Tom.  We didn’t think Tom was going to compete because he has a fractured leg…but on Saturday he decided he was going to give it a go! The WODs were

  • Truck pull- For time
  • Yoke Walk -For time
  • Atlas Stones 5 stones for weight and time
  • Truck dead lift- For weight
  • Axle shoulder to overhead- Max reps in 60 sec

The truck pull went fairly well for everyone. Amie was first, Britt was second, Josh was second, and Tom was fifth. The yolk walk was next. Britt killed it, by basically being one of the only competitors to run with the yolk…even though the chains were too long and she struggled to get it off the rack. Amie was up next.  She had the same issue with the length of the chains and by the time she got  the yolk moving the weight was swinging a ton. About 1/2 way through the carry Amie’s back gave out, she collapsed and scared us all to death! She was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Luckily the injury is muscular and not structural!  It was very hard to lose Amie so early but she was in great hands with her mom, William and the doctors.

The day was an absolute blast! Britt basically walked away with all of the events! She was the only girl to even attempt the 195# stone and was SOOOO close to getting it up!  The dead lift was very fun to watch as I don’t think Britt even broke a sweat as she won the event. She also made easy work of the shoulder to overhead, I believe getting more reps than any of the guys! She finished 1st of course. It would have been so much fun to watch Amie and Britt go head to head! There will be more comps for that.

Josh was in the novice light weight division. He also did well on the carry, and killed the stones. The flew through the stones with ease and finished 4th in the stones. The dead lifts were not Josh’s best event, but he finished strong by winning the shoulder to overhead! He starting with standard jerks and move seamlessly into split jerk, working the entire 60 seconds and getting 18 reps! Functional Fitness definitely paid off there. He got 3 reps more than the 2nd place finisher. Josh finished 5th overall.

Lastly there was Tom who was in the novice heavy weight division which made the weights slightly higher than what Josh had to do. Tom did great on the all the events considering he had a broken leg! He made it about half way on the yolk walk and was smart enough to stop when it really started hurting.   The stones were also tough as he was not able to squat down and pick up the 3rd stone. The leg was a major factor in the dead lift and the shoulder to overhead! We could not be more proud of Tom for competition and giving it his also, but mostly for being smart enough to not making his injury worse!!!! Tom finished 5th in his division.

Lots of pictures can be found at http://anotherloganphoto.smugmug.com/Other/Lift-the-Rockies-at-DEFY/24087635_4qbbzj#!i=1956697576&k=2TSGNPN  taken by Another Logan Photo and on FB! Thanks to William and Scott for taking so many great pictures for us!!!


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