Wednesday 110525


3 Sets:

  • Clean Pull x 1.1.1 (Rest 10 Seconds between singles)
  • Rest 20 Seconds
  • Powell Raises x 8-10
  • Rest 20 Seconds
  • Toes 2 Bar x 12-15 (Stay as Strict as possible)
  • Rest 45 Seconds


With a Partner Complete AMRAP in 10 Minutes:

  • 1-5 Ladder Power Clean 155#/105#

*1 Bar per two athletes, partner A will perform 1 power clean followed by partner B.  Bar will pass back to partner A to perform 2 power cleans follow by partner B.  complete this all the way through 5 reps this equals 1 round.  Reps 2-5 must be touch and go, athletes are not allowed to drop the bar.  If the bar is dropped athletes must begin that given rep routine over.

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