Wedneday 102010


Deadlift Working of 90% of 1RM

  •  6 @ 70%
  • 6 @ 75%
  • 5 @ 80%
  • 5 +(as many as you can) @ 85%


  • AMRAP in 20 min of:
  • Wall Ball
  • Med Ball Toss
  • Frog Push up
  • 100 meter SPRINT

Start with 1 rep of each exercise the first round, then the 2nd round will be 2 reps of each exercise, etc, etc, so every round you will complete one more rep of each exercise than you did the round before. The run will stay the same throughout.

Coaches Thoughts:Today was fun…in a really painful way. I think everyone including myself was surprised at how bad my shoulders burned during the sit-ups and then straight into the push ups…not gonna lie, holding my arms up right now while typing, is  making my shoulders burn!  Today was won and lost in the run, and I heard a few comments from people that are not found of running say that they couldn’t wait to get to the run. Charli did you ever think you would like to run? The effort of the day goes to Val E. She came last night to the 6:15pm class, with a migraine, smoked the WOD, then came back this morning at at 5:15…still with a migraine.  She was dizzy and nauseous, and today’s WOD was not the WOD to be doing when you are dizzy. At 16 min she said she was done, and just couldn’t finish. I said no problem as I didn’t know how she had managed to get that far! I turned to coach the rest of the class and the next thing I know she is doing wall balls again and finished another round! We should all have this much heart when we want to quit! Good work Val, I hope you are finally feeling better, very proud of you for the hard work the last two days! Also thank you for sharing your daughter Courtney with us while she was in town. We loved having her!

More future Functional Fitnessters. Nick our Longmont Fire guy with his nephews dressed in their fire attire!

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