Training With a Purpose

Now that we’ve taken the time to take our goals from our mind and placed them on paper.  It’s time to start taking the proper steps towards accomplishing these goals.  When it comes to training whether it’s for a Functional Fitness competition or a job its always important to consider the goals of the given training session.  Once again I’ll use myself as an example.  For my goal of muscle ups I tend to lose my form and technique at round rep 6-8, which causes me to fatigue and burn out far before I should.  Therefore as I work towards accomplishing 13-14 unbroken muscle ups, I need to start from the being and diligently work on my mechanics.  So for the first several training sessions my goal won’t be to perform max unbroken reps, but instead to perform the best muscle up I’ve ever performed before and once my form or technique breaks down I’ll need to back off.  Speed and the CLOCK won’t be my friend to start, perhaps as time goes on but initially it will be to work under control and with great technique.  This will be my training purpose for the first week or two.

With that being said I’m sure I’m going to run into days that don’t go according to plan.  On those days I’m sure my rhythm and form will be off and it will seem as if I’ve taken 3 steps backwards instead of a leap forward.  On these days my training purpose may turn into working on the pull or transition instead of reps of full muscle ups.  The point I’m trying to make is as you go through this month of striving for your goals don’t be afraid to take a step back in order to take a leap forward.  Each day you begin working on your goals analyze how the process is going THAT DAY.  What is your purpose for that day or that training session.  Avoid going through the motions on days in which your plan is going accordingly, take advantage of each day and get the most out of it.  Train with a purpose and your goals will always be achievable, train with blindness and your shooting in the dark.

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