Thankful on Thanksgiving!

Being that it’s Thanksgiving we feel that it’s a great day to reflect on the things in which we’re thankful for.  This list is long and extensive for sure.  This last year, especially the last 6 months have brought about so many more things to be thankful for. Since day one when Surge Elite Performance & Fitness officially opened, we have been blessed with some of the greatest people we have ever had the pleasure meeting and working with.  Court and I both will be the first to admit that every athlete and member is what makes Surge Elite Performance & Fitness what it is.  We feel so blessed everyday knowing that we are able to wake up and do the thing that drives us and that we love to do.  Functional Fitness has impacted and changed both our lives straight to the core and it’s an absolute pleasure being able to share this with everyone who comes through our doors.  You have all welcomed us into your lives and families lives, we can’t thank you all enough for not only allowing us that pleasure but also for making an incredible impact in our lives.  Therefore, we are without a doubt thankful for every single person who we have come across and helped us throughout this amazing process, we know the best is still yet to come and that is by far the greatest thing we are thankful for.  So thank you, without all of you our dreams and passions would still just be that, a dream.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from Surge Elite Performance & Fitness and your families.

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