Thank You For Being the Best Around

I guess it shouldn’t come to a surprise that we’re the luckiest people around.  It seems as if every time we hold an event or ask for help with anything from small to large tasks, we are constantly overwhelmed with the amount of support and help we receive from everyone.  Our goal has always been to make Surge Elite Performance & Fitness an amazing community and family, to make the gym not just a place for a great workout but to have every athlete and member feel as if the gym was their own.  This last weekend demonstrated that concept.  We can’t thank everyone who came in this weekend volunteered their time and spent hours helping us put together the pull up system.  For those of you who were there you know how much work went into that all weekend, and for those who have seen the new system can probably imagine.  From the bottom of our heart thank you all so much for being the best around.

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