Sunday construction & Upcoming Anniversary Party

As you all know the wall came down and progress on the new space has been slowly coming along. Now that there is more time without Regionals prep we are ready to get it finished! That being said we are going to be working Sunday. If you have some time and energy and a few hours to help it would be greatly appreciated! We will need help with, moving stuff, painting, cleaning and organizing. We will plan on starting around 10 and going till we are done!

Throwback to before we opened 4 years ago!



1 Year Anniversary Party

With that being said we are already approaching our 4 year anniversary! So this seems like a great opportunity for a celebration of how incredible our members are And the new space! Our opening day was May 22, 2010. The Anniversary celebration will be Saturday May 24. Stay tuned for the details but I believe it will be much like last years fun  and different WODs! If you have any ideas please let us know!!!


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